Are you up to date with your universal email?

Downloading to a brain near you.

Downloading to a brain near you.

We have to take the power back.

For our minds, hearts and bodies. To integrate every system of thought and every healing modality will be to take the first steps to illumination of the great potential of the human being. To integrate ourselves with the many paths available and tracked out for us, from energy medicine to yoga to herbalism we must be free to follow our hearts desires and our body’s promptings at any given moment.

Like a hunter tracking his prey, we must become adept at reading our own signals, signs and signposts. some are deeply hidden in the undergrowth from tracks long overgrown, once known.

To heal is a journey of discovery of the Self. The greater part of us that knows things beyond our day to day reckonings and dramas, and that lives in the dreamtime, the land of no-time, no-past, no-future.

Sounds weird doesn’t it, but you know what I’m talking about, if you let go of the part of you that thinks it doesn’t. It’s a state of suspended disbelief into a state of recognition, to cognition, to knowing.

Healing is not a myth

It is a dynamic bypass of quantum proportions. It is the circumvention of all that you hereto know. All you think you know, in this realm is a limitation on your ability to heal. To anneal the parts of you that are ailing, in any dimension, large or small, you must know that there is an ever evolving pathway of information leading you to the next phase, the next piece of the puzzle if you like.

It is like the data stream of a Wi-Fi network, feeding bits of information to the receiving hardware. In this case the hardware is the body.

Currently, many of us are still running on analogue information, old data and un-useful rubbish that we use as our constant comfort blanket. When we decide to go digital, or more accurately, quantum, then we can see real results.

Our bodies are actually far in advance of any machinery currently invented so when I say quantum, I mean at the speed of thought.

Now for many, these concepts are way too leftfield to be of use, but that is the risk of speaking out. To not speak out risks those who are ready for updates being left wanting. That’s hardly likely in our present culture as the rate of information ingestion is phenomenal, but I wonder how much of it is actually useful, once you have learned to switch on your quantum data stream?; after all you will be receiving current universal updates on a daily basis, if you meditate that is….

If you don’t meditate, it might sink in a bit slower but the info will always be there for you if you are attracting it. Think a million unread messages in your inbox.

Meditation is like the act of reading your universal email

So, next time you feel stuck. Sit there and do nothing but do the most important something in your toolkit.

Learn meditation. It will tell you everything you need to know; you’ve just got to get through those emails.

Thus ends my first treatise on the development of your very own, customised Rainbow Medicine Kit.

Just remember, one important thing; It’s free…don’t let them charge you for it!

Go be a rainbow.

Time to get serious…kick ass healing blog post coming right up….

Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Killers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well, I’ve had just about enough of this human condition! Illness can go and kiss my butt. I am done with being ill and all the associated shit that seems to tag along for the ride!

I see it everywhere I turn, in everyone I meet…what’s this?

‘Oh just another self imposed, unconscious, unexamined prison of a belief system that I’ve inherited from my Great-Great Grandmother that I don’t even know is ruining my very existence, but that I’ve come to see as ‘part of who I am’ because, you know, it’s been around so damn long that I kind of like it; like a stinky blanket that I’ve had since being a baby that I don’t want to wash -ever- because I’m scared it will fall to pieces….

‘Anyway it’s a family heirloom, and it’s part of the fabric of my miserable existence……so?’


So. I say quite methodically to ‘it’, embodied by overprotective ‘me’….no way!

Just like that…


‘No can do! Can’t do it to myself anymore. Vamoosh you limiting thought form, you rotton belief system, you….’.

I could be so much ruder if my manners and morals would allow…So, do it! Get rude, get nasty…

‘I…I….say to you you perforated piece of w***y belief system….’ not bad.

‘Go to H*** !!!!!’

Hmmmm, feelin it now, yeah….

Polietly, she tells her thought forms to go to hell and she imagines something like the scene out of Natural Born Killers as she hurls virtual light bullets through her machine gun of razor sharp realisation that without this ceremonial killing of the old, standing on tables and all for maximum dramatic effect, nothing will change!

No Thing Will Change!


What? Exactly. Without this destruction of that which is now defunct, she can no longer proceed along her path. This has to happen.

Thankfully, it’s all in her mind…..

Just like they said….


The Beach…My Medicine

I went to the beach on my own for the first time in years yesterday and it was gorgeous. Not for any particular reason; it was very windy, but it was more from a point of view that it was just what the doctor ordered for me and feeding my inner (coming outta) artist.
I put my jacket down on the pebbles and was happy enough not to be bothered by them digging into my ankles as I sat crosse legged and wrote in my freewriting journal. I snacked on carob and dried bitter cherries and let the wind blow all my worries away.
It was nice not to have to worry for a minute about pollen up my nose, the washing up and who’s turn is it to be with Ewan. Even the most loving mummy’s and daddy’s need time to themselves to reconnect with nature; inner and outer and this was long overdue for me but well worth it.
I then walked barefoot on the sand left by the outgoing tide and resolved to bring my little family back here and knew that it would now happen, like it was supposed to, just because I’d taken the time to connect myself.
Well, the sun is out and we’re going to brave it together.
It’s taken a long while to feel ready to go out as a team, my energy levels have been so low but now I’m finding the missing pieces it’s getting easier to sustain good energy. I now realize that the sea is an important part of my healing; I was born near the sea and have spent a good part of my life in the water so it’s fitting that I’m going back to my roots. Simple isn’t it!?

Beneath my feet…The Changing Landscape of No Shoes!

I’m loving my new birthday shoes …and heres a few reasons why you should love yours more too.

One of the most surprising discoveries I’ve made is that going barefoot more often is helping me to regulate my overall body termperature which tends to be up and down as I battle with hormones and fatigue. Because the feet are in contact with the coldest air at ground level, it not only makes me put more clothes on my body when it’s cold but there is a quicker and more efficient feedback system so they are sensing the cold before it reaches my body.

They make me feel grounded and in contact with the earth, even when I’m on a lino floor with concrete beneath it I can feel the hot pipes that run below the kitchen floor and the cold of the stone tiles in the bathroom, the warm wooden stairs and the different carpet pile around the house. I can step on a coconut mat and appreciate the spiky foot rub that I get, and the other day I walked down the road in the rain, barefoot, just to see if I could. Don’t laugh! It’s that rough tarmac with tiny stones that got stuck to my feet and I may as well have been walking on hot coals!

Shows how tender my feet are, but they are improving. As for the British weather in November, I am becoming more hardy to it as a result of my intentional non shoe and sock wearing, wherever possible. Of course when I am freezing and I want to warm up fast I put my slipper socks on or even just thin ones do the job now, whereas before I was always wearing thick layers on my feet as I thought I should, and I was always swinging from cold to hot, alot! So, in a nut shell, this barefoot thing is now so comfortable and comforting to me that I hardly think about it. Its great! The other day I went out in full winter coat, scarf, hat and gloves and sandals! It was strangely exhilarating. Ok my toes were numb for a bit but one walk through a shop doorway with all that heat spewing out and they were toasty and flowing with energy! Wow!
The other great thing is I’ve started running again. But that’s another post waiting to happen.
Gonna take my birthday shoes off to bed.
Tee Hee. See what I did there?